Friday, January 13, 2012

Overcome inner resistance

Overcome inner resistance.

If Law of Attraction strategies are not working for you, identify the inner resistance and
bring it into the light of consciousness. This will dissipate its power. You can win over
and befriend the resistant part of yourself so there is nothing holding you back from
fulfilling your dream. There are many ways to find out what your inner resistance is
about and to overcome it. These strategies for how to conquer inner resistance can be the
subject of a future article. I discovered an unusual way to bring my unconscious
resistance into my conscious awareness and this removed the last obstacle between me
and my dream of attracting an ideal partner.
You may be thinking, "Okay, maybe I have inner resistance to realizing my goal because
just imagining I have attained it has not made my dream come true." The question you
have to answer is, "How do I identify and win over this resistant part of myself?"
Which of your dreams and longings have remained unfulfilled? Imagine that your goal
has already happened, associate positive emotions with it, and then overcome any inner
resistance to your dream becoming reality. This is the secret for getting Law of Attraction
strategies to work for you.


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